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Pain Management and Your Pet (1/2)

At the Animal Health Center (AHC) of Columbus, Georgia, we offer our pet-owning clients a wide array of general veterinary services such as basic examinations and annual check-ups, vaccine consultations, dental cleanings and care, boarding, grooming, spaying and neutering, and advanced surgical treatments. As one of Georgia’s leading veterinary clinics, AHC maintains a firm commitment to staying abreast of the most recent innovations in veterinary medicine to ensure that every animal receives the treatment they need to quickly return home as healthy and happy as possible. Boasting a high rate of success in alleviating most illnesses and injuries, Dr. James Thorsen, the primary veterinarian at AHC, utilizes his extensive knowledge and 20-plus years of experience to the utmost capacity. An avid animal lover himself, Dr. Thorsen understands the worry and stress that often accompanies the process of caring for a sick pet.

Some patients that undergo complicated procedures at the Animal Health Center may leave the operating room with lingering pain-related issues, as surgery takes a notable toll on the body. In cases like this, Dr. Thorsen provides pet owners with a number of helpful options to manage their animal companion’s pain. Although Dr. Thorsen and the rest of the staff at AHC always aim to minimize the level of physical suffering an animal endures pre- and post-surgery, mitigating discomfort entirely is sometimes impossible. For this reason, Dr. Thorsen recommends that owners fastidiously monitor their pet’s behavior. Keep in mind that animals instinctually hide pain until it becomes too much to bear. In order to avoid this situation, watch your pet closely following surgery for signs of abnormal levels of discomfort, from moderate to severe.

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