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The Animal Health Center of Columbus, Georgia: Preventive Health Care for Your Dog

By Dr. James Thorsen

At the Animal Health Center of Columbus, Georgia, we specialize in cat and dog care, offering state-of-the-art laser surgery, dental care, and preventive treatments. Our comprehensive preventive health care services include flu shots for dogs.

We all know to schedule flu shots before flu season begins in order to prevent viruses from spreading. The same principle applies to your canine companions. Dogs are susceptible to different flu strains than humans and therefore cannot transmit infection to their owners. However, dogs will catch the flu if exposed to the virus in other dogs. Canine flu can be serious, often resulting in secondary infections and even death if left untreated. For this reason, you should take your dog to the vet for an annual flu shot. The shot is an affordable precaution, especially important for dogs that are getting on in years. Preventive health care for your dog should not end with flu shots.

At Animal Health Center, we recommend annual exams, in which we comprehensively evaluate the health of your pet through a series of tests and observations. We monitor ongoing health issues, determine whether new complications have emerged, and educate pet owners about how to care for pets as they age. Older cats and dogs benefit from several check-ups a year, as diseases often remain hidden and require frequent monitoring. In addition to performing a regular examination, we run blood analysis and urinalysis tests, which can indicate hidden conditions. We recommend these more frequent visits for all cats and small dogs over ten years old and large dogs over seven years old.

Visit the Animal Health Center at ahcofcolumbus.com to schedule a regular exam and flu shot for your dog.